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About the Spirit Squads
Release: Tuesday 07/26/2011 
by WSU Athletic Media Relations

Welcome to the Official Homepage of the Wright State University Spirit Unit. We hope you find the information you are looking for at this site and enjoy learning more about the Raider Cheerleaders, Emerald Jazz Dance Team and TEAM Rowdy. Thanks again and remember to visit often.

Spirit Coordinator: Joyce Whitaker (E-Mail)
Assistant Spirit Coordinator: Michelle Gillespie (E-Mail)
Assistant Coach (Dance): Ashley Herman (E-Mail)

This program closely mirrors a sports program in the Athletic Department and will take up a lot of your non-academic time. This is not a leisure activity. Our primary purpose is to support the Athletic teams during designated sporting events. Please click on the appropriate program page to get detailed information about tryouts, schedules, team rosters and download photos of the respective programs.

Being a part of the Spirit Unit can be a fun and rewarding experience, listed below are the program amenities that enhance our programs!

Program Amenities
    ☐ Priority Scheduling
    ☐ Study Tables (mandatory study time 3-5 hrs. per week)
    ☐ Access to the Training Room, Physician & Assigned Trainer
    ☐ Access to Athletic Weight Room & the Director of Strength / Conditioning
    ☐ SAAC / Life Skills
    ☐ Break Housing Fee - Dorm Students Only
    ☐ Practice & Game Day Supplies / Uniforms
    ☐ Spirit Unit Group Intranet Site
    ☐ Practice Facilities
    ☐ Partial Scholarship
    ☐ Conference / NCAA Travel
    ☐ National Collegiate competition participation
    ☐ Letter Jackets
    ☐ Senior Gifts

All candidates inquire about the out-of-pocket cost associated with being a part of this program, below are the expenses each member will be responsible for.

Program Expenses
    ☐ Instructional Camp / Transportation Fee ($375 –cost approximate)
    ☐ Nationals Travel & Competition Deposits
    ☐ Optional - custom sweatshirts and/or fleece jackets
    ☐ $50 Uniform Rental Fee

Fundraising Note
All candidates inquire about the out-of-pocket cost associated with being a part of this program. Below are the expenses each member will be responsible for. Exact cost vary from year to year and cover the following expenses:

    1.     Instructional Camp / Transportation
    2.     Uniform Rental Fee
    3.     Team Warmups
    4.     Competitive Team Registration and Travel Deposits

Spirit Program Handbook Manual
Click here to download a copy of the Spirit Program Handbook. All Spirit Program members must read the guidelines in its entirety and sign a copy of the Acknowledge form confirming their understanding of the rules and guideline information. The handbook is revised annually and the current copy will be posted on the Spirit Program Intranet.

The Spirit Program is dedicated to upholding the rich traditions of Wright State University through leadership skills, dedication, commitment, community involvement, mentorship to the youth of today and promoting school spirit through sporting events, exhibitions and competitive events. Enjoy visiting our website and feel free to contact the coordinators for information about this great program.

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