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Here Come the Melsons
Release: Monday 06/02/2014 
by WSU Athletic Media Relations

It would take a lot to find or argue that there has been a couple that has as many records or has meant as much to the Raider basketball programs as Kevin and Reggen (Stewart) Melson.

Reggen is the seventh all-time scorer (1277); Kevin is currently the 17th all-time scorer (1240).  Kevin ranks 16th in rebounding (527) but Reggen led the team in scoring three times and rebounding once.  Kevin led the team in scoring “only” twice and rebounding once.

The two played for the Wright State basketball programs around the turn of the millennium when Reggen came from Arsenal Tech High School in Indianapolis, playing four years from 1998-2001, and Kevin came from Schoolcraft Community College in Detroit, playing three years from 1999-2001.

Other honors for Reggen included First Team All-League and All-Defensive Team in 2001 and Second Team in 1999 as well as team MVP each of those seasons.  Though the Raiders did not give out a MVP award during his playing days, Kevin was League Newcomer of the Year and Second Team in 1999 and First Team in 2000 and 2001.

Their names dot each program’s record books and will stand the test of time, but nothing is more dear to them than their daughter and son.

We were able to catch up with both.


Kevin & Reggen Melson Q & A

Fill us in on what you have doing lately?

After I retired from playing professional basketball overseas for 10 years, we returned home to the States and now live in Indianapolis for the last three years.  We have two kids—Kaelyn was born in Belgium about five years ago and Josiah was born here over a year ago.  I have been working with youth programs and Reggen returned to high school coaching.

Reggen and I started a business a year ago called Beyond Your Limits, LLC.  It is a basketball training program for youths.  We enjoy working side by side as we use our God-given talents to help others learn the game we love, basketball.  We look forward to its growth.  For more information, go to


Any coaching in the house?

Yes, Reggen has coached for the last two seasons but stepped down to focus on Beyond Your Limits, LLC.  She plans to return to the sideline in Indianapolis in the near future.


Who’s the better player, you or your wife? 

We haven’t ever played against each other.  Will get back to you ;)


Any budding stars in the house?

Yes, Kaelyn is a rising stage performer in the areas of dance and cheerleading.  However, she has a nice jumper too.  Josiah is an all-around sportsman who loves to throw balls and, of course, shoot them.  I believe they both will be great in whatever they do.

I’m sure our fans remember you on the court.  What are some of your best memories on and off the court at Wright State?

I have a couple of great memories for my three years, but one of the finest has to be when we beat Michigan State the year they won the national championship.  Also, meeting lifelong friends in Marcus May and Louis Holmes.


How did basketball help you prepare for life?

Originally, I played basketball just for fun and the love of the game.  I had no idea the life lessons I would gain.  Basketball taught me great principles like teamwork, perseverance and goal setting.


Any messages for current basketball players at WSU?  For the fans?

Congratulations to both the men’s and the women’s basketball teams on a great year!  Don’t be content and always strive to be better.  To the fans, thank you so much for the support while I was playing there and your continued support of the program.  Also, how you show my family and myself love whenever we return to the Nutter Center.  We hope to see you soon.


Kevin, we all share some of those memories and you and Reggen will always be remembered as great players and great people.

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