Strength and Conditioning
Release: Friday 06/15/2016 
by WSU Athletic Media Relations
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The Jeff Bullock Training Center serves as the main conditioning facility for the majority of Wright State athletes. Located in the Mills Morgan Center, Setzer Pavillion, practice facility gives athletes direct access to basketball courts, athletic training room, locker room facilities and coach's offices.

Cole Pittsford, Director of Sports Performance



  • Renovated in the Spring of 2016
  • Over 3,300 square-feet of space
  • More than $175,000 worth of high-tech strength and conditioning equipment
  • Plae Flooring with custom Wright State inlaid platforms
  • Over $60,000 worth of Rogue Fitness equipment including Olympic and Power bars, Trap bars, Swiss Bars, Safety Squat bars, Logs, Bumper Plates, and Glute Ham Machines
  • Over 3,000 kilos of Rogue competition bumper plates
  • 10 Legend Fitness Half Racks
  • 10 0-90 degree adjustable benches
  • 10 Tendo Units
  • 10 sets of Power Block adjustable dumbbells ranging from 12-127 pounds
  • 1 Pit Shark belt squat machine
  • 20+ Medicine Balls from 10-18 pounds
  • A plethora of additional equipment designed for Flexibility, Power and Balance


Official Performance Protein of Wright State Athletics