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Cory Miles Talks About His Goals and Accomplishments
Release: Saturday 09/23/2016 
by WSU Athletic Media Relations

Thanks for taking some time to talk with us.  I know you’re busy with the start of school and cross country.

Q.  First, tell us a little about yourself, like your major, where you are from?

A.  I just turned 21 in June.  I know myself to be very creative.  My major is Liberal Studies with a focus towards communication.  I am from Chillicothe, OH.

Q.  How long have you been running cross country?  Did you compete in other sports growing up?

A.  I started playing soccer at an early age.  I played soccer for nine years before joining the cross country team on a whim my sophomore year of high school.  Since then up to now, I have been running cross country and track for seven years.

Q.  You recently did a video named Attritions the Mission.  Tell us about that and your inspiration for it?

A. Attritions the Mission is a video about racism and the prevalence of it in today’s world.  It exemplifies a simple misunderstanding that people make all the time.  I’m not just talking about our outward action towards the tension of the issue; I’m also talking about how we perceive the scenario mentally.  The point of the video is to get people to perceive things differently.  The people in the video mimic a real-life party scene where social division is present between black and white individuals.  One realizes the decay of the situation when the blacks and whites all start “whispering” demeaning things about the opposite of their respective sides.  Shortly after, you get to see what the segregation ultimately brings as the party erupts into a pointless fight. Racial disparity has been an issue all throughout time and up to current date.  I mean, sure we’re more understanding now that it’s 2016, but it still exists.  That is mind-boggling to me.  I just can’t believe that we continue to divide ourselves as humans based on our skin pigmentation.  My teammates and I are all passionate about the acceptance of skin color, so much that we decided to make it the topic of our film.  I just wanted to make a video that stands for one simple fact:  We are all human and that’s it.

Q.  It was named the College Documentary of the Year in The Great American NO Bull Challenge.  That is quite an honor.  How does that feel?

A.  Thanks!  Truly, I am humbled by the experience.  I’ve met a lot of really cool/innovative people through the entirety of the production.  I was more excited during the making of the project than anything coming afterwards to be quite honest.

Q.  What are your goals for your senior year and beyond?  Will we see another video in the future?

A.  For cross country, I want to set an example to the younger guys.  I want them to believe in themselves and to push beyond their limits so they can achieve their own goals.  I see a lot of potential in my younger teammates.  Beyond that, I just want to enjoy myself in my final year of cross country, beating my previous personal records.  I would like to go under 27 minutes for the 8k.  I am currently pursuing a career in film production and music.  I want to write, direct, and edit films.  On the side for music, I write my own lyrics and make beats that I like to rap/sing over.  It’s recreational, and I have a lot of fun with it.  I hope to get very good and become an artist.  I am very excited about my plans.  Lastly, I have other ideas for films that I’d like to execute.  So the answer is yes, there will be more videos.

The cross country team will next be in action at the All-Ohio Championships in Cedarville, Ohio, September 30.

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