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Winston Marshall--Always a Raider
Release: Monday 06/09/2014 
by WSU Athletic Media Relations

Many roads have led Winston Marshall to his current residence in California.  He has come a long way from his soccer playing days at Wright State in the early 2000’s but in many ways WSU will always be a big part of him.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he grew up with his parents, Marie Dallas and Winston Marshall Sr., both of whom were born in Jamaica.  His love of sports and athleticism led him to his career in soccer at a young age.  Then came his second love as he started modeling at just five years old.  He earned a soccer scholarship to Wright State where he starred from 2001 to 2004, receiving all-league teams several times and a degree in marketing.

Now, he’s in Los Angeles working on his other love—modeling and acting.  With modeling jobs with companies like fUS, commercial jobs with brands like Asics, and recurring roles on soap operas and other television shows, he searches for his big break.  We were able to catch up with Winston recently to give us an update.


Winston Marshall Q & A

Q:  Fill us in on what you have been doing lately—the whole “Hollywood” scene?

A:  Every day is a new and exciting challenge!  With the sun always shinning and so much to do it’s important to stay disciplined so you don’t lose focus of your goals and dreams.  I hit the gym daily to ensure I stay in shape for any modeling/acting work I may have.  In an industry where looks are so important it’s vital to keep fit!  I audition pretty regularly, and whether it be for TV, films, or commercials, I take great pride in my preparation, so I spend many of my evenings prepping for any upcoming opportunities.  To this day I still love, play and coach soccer!  I play in a men’s league every Sunday, and I coach kids’ soccer a few times a week. When I do hit the town to see the Hollywood nightlife, I’m always mindful of the importance of networking.  I’ve learned very quickly it’s not what you know, but rather who you know that can help build your career.  It’s all about relationships.

Q: It must be tough getting your break, tell us something about that?

A:  Before acting things generally came pretty easily for me.  I was always a hard worker, but with that work would quickly come success.  This acting world is a completely different animal.  I know some very talented people who have been trying for 20+ years and still haven’t caught a break, which shows how difficult it can be.  I’ve heard LA described as the Olympics of acting, where the best actors from around the world come to try to “make it”.  As I continue to climb the ladder looking for my big break, it can be discouraging at times.  There’s a lot of rejection and it’s hard not to take that personally sometimes.  But the key is to remain confident and patient, knowing that you’re always only one phone call away from your entire life changing.  You have to embrace the journey to success, no matter how long it may be.

Q: What are some of the acting and modeling some of us may have seen you in?

A: For all you daytime television fans you may have seen me in my recurring roles in Days of our Lives, and The Bold and the Beautiful.  I’ve also done some primetime television work on shows like Covert Affairs, Nikita, and Flashpoint to name a few.  I’ve shot ads for Comcast and Asics (soccer cleats), and recently did a Nike running photo shoot!  I’m also the face of the new energy drink called fUS which is about to blow up so keep an eye out for that!

Q: I’m sure our fans remember you on the field.  What are some of your best memories on and off the field at Wright State?

A: So many amazing memories from my alma mater!  Even though we never made it to the NCAA tournament, I played with some incredibly talented players and learned a lot.  Anytime we won a game or even scored a goal the feeling was priceless!  The achievement of a team goal is something I always loved.  My most memorable personal achievement was scoring two goals against a nationally ranked UIC squad as a freshman, and going on to win conference player of the week.  Off the pitch, the lifelong relationships I built with teammates and classmates; as well as the profound effect my coaches and professors had in making me the man I am today is something I’ll never forget.  Also my entire family driving down from Toronto to watch me graduate was very special.  Their support is something I appreciate more than they’ll ever know.

Q: How did soccer help you prepare for your career now?

A: No matter what your occupation is, you can’t become successful alone.  Ever since I started playing soccer at the young age of four, it taught me teamwork and camaraderie, two things that are instilled in me forever, and two things that are vital for success in acting.  You’re not only working with other actors, you’re also working with directors, sound people, makeup artists, costume designers, craft services, etc. etc. etc…It truly does take a team effort to make the final product successful.  I’ve been blessed to play not only collegiately at WSU, but also internationally for Canada, and professionally for FC Dallas. These various levels of soccer taught me the importance of dedication, determination, hard work, accountability, patience, and professionalism to having a productive and prosperous career.

Q: Any messages for current soccer players at WSU?

A: You represent Raider nation!!!  Wright State has invested a lot into the athletic department over the years and the facilities are top notch!  Remember that it’s not a right, but rather an honor and privilege to be a Raider.  Every time you step on that pitch play with a sense of pride. Enjoy the experience, play your heart out, and have fun!  Goooo Raiders!!!

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