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11/5:  Volleyball UIC (Tim Zechar)
10/9:  Volleyball Northern Kentucky (Tim Zechar)
8/27:  Volleyball Toledo (Tim Zechar)
8/26:  Volleyball SIUE (Erin Pence)
10/17:  Volleyball Oakland (Tim Zechar)
10/6:  Volleyball Northern Kentucky (Tim Zechar)
9/22:  Volleyball Morehead State (Tim Zechar)
8/29:  Volleyball Tennessee Tech (Tim Zechar)
8/28:  Volleyball Niagara (Tim Zechar)
11/15:  Volleyball Milwaukee (Tim Zechar)
10/24:  Volleyball Youngstown State (Tim Zechar)
10/10:  Volleyball UIC (Tim Zechar)
9/5:  Volleyball Eastern Kentucky (Tim Zechar)
11/16:  Volleyball UIC (Tim Zechar)
10/25:  Volleyball Milwaukee (Tim Zechar)
10/15:  Volleyball Eastern Kentucky (Tim Zechar)
10/4:  Volleyball Cleveland State (Tim Zechar)
10/1:  Volleyball Leah Van Beveren
9/14:  Volleyball Murray State (Tim Zechar)
11/9:  Volleyball Green Bay (Tim Zechar)
10/20:  Volleyball Loyola (Tim Zechar)
9/28:  Volleyball Valparaiso (Tim Zechar)
9/11:  Volleyball Butler (Tim Zechar)
8/28:  Volleyball Northern Kentucky (Tim Zechar)
11/11:  Volleyball Butler (Tim Zechar)

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